Grace Notes

Grace – 2447

Grace strips away the facade of religion and allows the true beauty of God’s unconditional love to shine!

Righteousness – 2445

The Holy Spirit’s work in the believer’s life is to convince them of their righteousness in Christ so that they may continually walk free from condemnation, guilt, and shame!

Wisdom – 2444

A teachable heart produces maturity in life. It can receive a correction just as well as a compliment!

Grace – 2443

There is NO bad news in the GOOD news of the true Gospel message!

Emotions – 2442

You have a choice to allow your emotions to lead you or the WORD! Choose the WORD every time!

Authority – 2441

The believed, confessed WORD cancels negative thoughts of unbelief in one’s life!

Righteousness – 2440

When you know righteousness is not by your efforts, but a gift from God, no weapon formed against you will prosper! Is. 54:17

Peace – 2439

Allow the peace of the Holy Spirit to lead you and not everyone’s opinions!

Prayer – 2438

Praying from the revelation of the finished work of Christ turns begging into praise and thanksgiving!

Righteousness – 2437

Knowing you have been made righteous places you in the position of victory over all the accusations of the enemy!

Authority – 2436

The revealed truth of God’s WORD spoken over situations brings change!

Mind – 2435

So much of preaching is designed to get an emotional response instead of a renewed mind of change!

Religion – 2434

Religion places the focus on self and self effort! Grace places the focus on Him!

Grace – 2432

It’s the preaching of the revealed unconditional love of God and GRACE that truly changes lives and not the law!

Identity – 2431

The revealed WORD of truth is what brings about true change in one’s life!

Prosperity – 2430

It’s God will for you to prosper financially so the Kingdom of God can increase and others can be blessed through you!

Victory – 2428

You’re not falling apart, but are complete in Him! Col. 2:10

Wisdom – 2427

Better to be into Jesus promotion instead of self promotion! Jn. 3:30

Freedom – 2426

Shame, guilt, and condemnation are not found in the finished work of Christ! Walk free in Him!

Wisdom – 2425

Every ministry in the Body of Christ is vital! Just because you may not have a pulpit ministry doesn’t mean you’re less in God’s eyes!

Authority – 2424

Anytime the enemy whispers a lie to you, shout back the WORD of TRUTH and shut up his mouth!

Mind – 2423

As a believer, you have ALL authority over the enemy! Greater is HE that is within you!

Authority – 2422

As a believer, you have ALL authority over the enemy! Greater is HE that is within you!

Mind – 2421

Don’t allow the bad news to effect the GOOD news God has given in His WORD! Stay in the mind of the Spirit not the flesh (five senses)!

Mind – 2420

Don’t allow someone else’s drama to steal your peace! Stay in the rest God has provided by focusing your thoughts on the Word!

Mind – 2421

Don’t allow the bad news to effect the GOOD news God has given in His WORD! Stay in the mind of the Spirit not the flesh (five senses)!

Love – 2419

The greatest power on earth to change a life is God’s love!

Fear – 2418

When you cast your anxieties on Him, the enemy has no place to work in your life! 1 Pet. 5:7-8

Mind – 2417

A positive mind set on the WORD, brings positive change to your life!

Love – 2416

Two of the greatest revelations you can have are how much God loves you and how much He has forgiven you!

Rest – 2415

Confidence in Christ’s finished work places you in the position of rest not stress!

Healing – 2414

God has already provided “soul” mind, will, and emotional health and healing from past hurts and wounds! Walk in His love and total forgiveness toward you!

Healing – 2413

The power of God’s GRACE has rolled back any DAMAGE done to you all the way back to Adam’s original sin!

Grace – 2412

Do you know that God has experienced and felt every rejection you have ever felt? His GRACE is available for every area of rejection to bring healing and wholeness!

Faith – 2411

Believing and speaking the WORD is the ground of manifestation and miracles!

Grace – 2410

Religion will keep you busy and focused on self effort! Grace will keep you at rest and focused on Him!

Identity – 2409

Believe what God says about you and not the enemies lies! His WORD is truth! You are loved, forgiven, and healed!

Outreach – 2408

Be kind and give grace to others! You never know what someone else is going through!

Outreach – 2407

The greatest compliment you can receive is not about how you look but that people can see Jesus in you!